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R1 Ballistics question


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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and have a few questions about my R1 300 Win Mag. Here they are: does the bullet clear the barrel before the gas operating sysytem has unlocked the bolt from the breech? If the bolt is unlocked and opened before the bullet has exited the barrel how much pressure is lost during the operation and how does this effect the burning powder pressure and accuracy? I am going to reload a batch of Hornady GMX 165gr using RL 22 and was wondering if I could bump up the pressure a bit if some of the pressure lost during the auto cycling process. Does or has anyone cooked up a batch of GMX 165s yet and if so would they be willing to give me any freindly advice? Thanks everyone and I hope to hear from some of you and I will welcome all of your comments, AE.

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