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New User/Owner Needs Help


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Hello One & All,:(

I am a new owner & user of an 1860 Henry Rifle 44-40 Uberti Reproduction. I purchased it through an online auction. The rifle is fantastic. I love the feel and weight and am looking forward to using it. My BIG problem is, now don't laugh, how to load it. :confused: I am reasonably sure that you raise the lever to full open position and then the cartridges go in the opening underneath the breech. My problem is that the opening for the cartridges is only about half way open. I have tried several ways to cock/raise the lever but nothing appears to work. Am I doing something wrong or is the rifle broken or the breech stuck? Any assistance that I can get will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance for your help.


Tim O’D

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Not really the right forum for Uberti questions, but if it's a 1860 Henry, you might need to twist open the magazine towards the muzzle after compressing and capturing the magazine spring. I think that's how they load, though I've never had my hands on one to try it.

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