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Vinci - 26" or 28"?

Uncle Russ

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I ordered the 28" last Fri through a local dealer. It will be here the end of this week. There would have been a two months wait on the 26", to get it from a local store. I'm paying $1250 plus tax, but of course no shipping or transfer fees, so it seems somewhere in the ballpark.


I know you'll say I should have ordered the 26" from one of the sites but it's too late now.


I have one question - I have the M1S90 in 26", a Citori O/U in 26", and a Berretta Silver Hawk in 28" but it's a boxlock so the LOA is about like the M1S90.


So the question is - how much difference does the extra 2" make? To my way of thinking, the extra 2" adds a bit of velocity, and slows the swing a bit (I shoot strictly instinctive) but I never actually see the bead or barrel on most shots - just float the bird plus lead. Funny thing, I've never had this much angst over getting a gun I knew I was gonna get from the first time I handled one (and that was a 28", and it felt great)


I have a shoulder operation coming up so I called the dealer and asked if he could change the order to a 26" but it's too late.


So, what are you preferences or thoughts?


thanks in advance

Uncle Russ

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