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Hi Capacity Shell Carriers?


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Get would get this:



This CLBV-M5 variation is available in either 48 or 72 round capacity, and has either 4 or 6 of our 12 GA SHOTGUN SHELL POUCHES replacing the standard double magazine pouches on each side of the vest, 48 round vest has 2 utility pouches. Shell pouches are plastic reinforced to prevent shell sag and give you instant access to 48 or 72 rounds of 12 GA ammo.





Or you could just get a couple of these



Holds 12 each 12 gage shotshells up to 3 1/2 inch, each shell in individual cells. Plastic reinforced bottom, back, and flap to prevent shell sag. Available with ALICE Silent clasp buckle or non-adjustable Q/R buckle, and universal suspension loop with ALICE belt clips or Molle webbing straps. One drain hole in bottom.





I like this part:



We have been designing and manufacturing load bearing equipment since 1983. The designers military background is B11 mechanised infantry and B12 combat engineers. We design our products for real world military combat operations, and they have been combat proven world wide since the 1980's. We use the same design criteria as the U.S. ARMY NATICK RESEARCH CENTER. All our products are field tested in their design phase by active duty personnel for ergonomic interface and durability in the field.


This is good and very funny too:




Many manufactures and suppliers are importing textile products made by CHILD labor and SLAVE labor in sweatshops in Asia, South Korea, Hati, Mexico, Communist China, and Communist Vietnam - the same communists who murdered and tourtured friends of mine. Every dollar you spend on these imported textiles from Communist countries helps prop-up and maintain murderous dictatorships who would not hesitate to put a bullet in the back of your head, or your wife's and child's head.



We don't use any MESH cloth in our product line, mesh cloth is mostly air and has too little body required for directly attaching heavy magazine and grenade pouches. When your running in the field sweating in your 10 pound body armor the mesh ventilation is mostly irrelevant to cooling. Mesh is best used for laundry bags to wash ladies undergarments.

We don't use any VELCRO in our product line. VELCRO makes way too much noise and is not durable enough for use on any of our products. Opening VELCRO pouches can be heard up to 100 YARDS away - that can give up your position and draw fire killing you or your whole squad. Any one who tells you making extra noise in combat dosen't matter, or having equipment that makes noise in combat doesn't matter, won't live long enough to find out that it does matter. Put that guy on point, just to be on the safe side.

We don't use any ZIPPERS on our vest products. There is a good reason for that because if you catch fire wearing a nylon vest with a zipper it will FUSE SHUT from the burning nylon cloth and webbing and stop you from getting the burning garment off - you WILL THEN BURN TO DEATH (!). This HAS happened to GI's and thats why military armor, and our vests, don't have zippers.


Hey Stompy!


That's some good looking gear! I stuck that site under favorites.




Hookster :)

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