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New guy with M3S90 with questions...


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Hi all I just bought a new (to me) M3S90 w/ Ghost Ring sights and wanted to put the field stock (non-pistol grip) on it?


I was told buy the guy at the store than the M1/2/3/4 stocks are all interchangeable but cannot find anything saying either way on the web, so I came here to ask the people who probably know!


Could anyone supply me with a Benelli part number? Just the plain black non-pistol grip stock is all I'm looking for.


Many thanks!

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Hey Lt James, Welcome to the forum


The M1 and M3 stocks will interchange but the others do not. I don't have the part number but I'll try to get it for you later this evening. The field stocks show up both here on the forum and Gunbroker on a fairly regular basis.




Hookster :)

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Thanks a ton Hookster... I really appreciate it. I looked quickly on Brownells.com and found some stocks that said they fit M1S90's, so I assume I'm safe in buying one of those?




Yes that should work for you. I don't know what Brownells is asking for them but Numrich (who have a good supply of M3 parts) has the M1/M3 stock for $182 here:




It doesn't list it as a PG stock so I assume they are refering to the field stock.


Here's a M1/M3 Field stock on Gunbroker, it's currently at $20






Hookster :)

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