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3 Gun Nation on the Versus Channel


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I hope everybody has their DVR set for the upcoming 3 Gun Nation show on the Versus channel! This is going to be the best thing on TV.


The first shows air on Monday July 26th at 7:30AM ET, Thursday July 29th 3:00PM ET and then every week in the same slots.


I know the crew filmed me during one of my runs at the FNH match. Hopefully I did something good or bad enough to get my 5 minutes of fame.


Here are a couple of links to get your interest up.


Check it out!






Be sure to email the Versus channel and thank them for covering the shooting sports.

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The show is on now! If you missed it tune in again Thursday at 3:30 pm ET.



Wow! FNH is all over this show with sponsorship and commercials. I hope Benelli steps up for next year! I mean they ARE the most popular shotgun in 3 gun. I have 3 of them. A Nova, M1, & M2.

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The 2nd show was a great episode!

I got to shoot in the Pan American Shotgun Championships this past weekend with Pat Kelly and his wife. Pat helped me a bunch with my match. They are great people.

I also got to chat with Chad Adams at the match. He said they are working on getting things lined out for season 2 of 3 Gun Nation right now. So please email Versus and your favorite gun and gear manufacturers and tell them to get on board with the show.

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I made my TV debute this morning, yeee haw!!! In case you didn't recognize me I was the guy that took the first shots at the Rip's Slider stage with the blue and white shirt and Triangle Shooting Sports hat on backwards. I was also the guy that made Jerry Miculek (who shot it right after me) look faster than he realy is.


You can view past episodes of the show here.


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