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M4 Top Rails


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I am looking to replace the OEM top rail on my M4 with a rail that will hold a LaRue mount.

My options are:

1. Kip's, but now with his recent accident it could be some time for him to start shipping his new rail.

2. Sidearmour, has a new M2 version but I do not want the side rails.

3. Sidearmour says they will have a "Top Rail only" version out shortly

4. Accupoint, has a #TR#123, but have not heard anything about it. Customer service says "they think it should fit the M4" Not real positive feedback.

I would appriciate member's input on a good top rail.


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I emailed Sidearmor not too long ago and they didn't mention anything about making a stand-alone top rail for the M4.


I was really counting on Kip's rail as well, but from the pictures he posted it looks pretty bad.


My T1 is collecting dust as well, if you find anything out please let me know.

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Guest cleefurd

Will be posting a listing to the store this week. Lincoln Finishing Co has indicated that they have a lock on the "hue" we specified with regards to the matte finish anodizing requirement. Please excuse any confusions to the time-line uncertainty for the picatinny rails. The dusty T1's and abused Larues are not forgotten.


As an aside I would like to express an indescribable and humble appreciation for the plethora of PM's and emails regarding legitimate concern for my well being during my ongoing re-hab and mending process. In 1990 I suffered similar injuries, followed by a lightning strike injury in July of 1991 where-in I incured several more broken bones. Through it all I learned the importance of adhering to therapy and wound management, this time around my devotion to my blood-brothers (customers) has given rise to a heightened sense of responsibility. Combat related injuries in 1984 were ironically less severe, and cast-off as badges of honor. This time my injuries are troubling, in-so-far as they may give ammunition to my critics who may bemoan delivery quotas.... fooey!!!!!!!!!!!! I will not stumble. Expect all that I have assured, along with a few suprises. We (You and I) are surrounded by devoted patriots, and all that we have conspired to create, carries on!


Kip Carrier


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Kip, first, what are you doing up and at the computer at 3:40 in the morning? You should be in bed getting some rest for the healing process.

My thoughts and prayers are with you during your recovery.


Thanks for the good news of your top rail becoming a reality in the near future. My order will be there as soon as I can order it.


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