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Another M4 Thread


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Just put my order in.. I mean, how could I not, 1299 shipped after rebate. I can't wait to get my hands on this thing.


So, I've done a great deal of reading (I feel like I know StrangerDanger and Hookster personally at this point), and am trying to plan my upgrade/modification path.


Here is what I have in mind currently:



  • Optics: Trijicon RMR (profile seems more inline with what I'd want) with the lowest profile mount I can find when I get around to buying it.. possibly the Eotech but we'll see.
  • Forend: Surefire M80 (for 922R). No other/better options here?
  • Magazine Tube: Carriercomp Ti Parkerized - compared to pictures on FFT webpage, seems to more closely match factory finish.
  • Magazine Follower: Dave's Metal Works Follower (for 922R).
  • Light: Jury is still out. Recommendations? Would like something with momentary/strobe that makes sense with the rest of this setup (noticeably a balance of lumens/weight. I don't need anything from texas skeeter).

Possibly later:


  • Stock: Benelli Collapsible from Gunbroker
  • Side Saddle: Mesa Tactical SureShell 8-Rd
  • Choke: Rifled for some deer hunting perhaps?

Does this sound crazy? I'm mostly concerned with making sure I'm 922R compliant while getting all of the parts I want.

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Hi Kronick and welcome to the forum!


Congrats on your purchase :)


If you are worried about 922r compliance, the addition of the collapsable stock (which counts as 2 parts) would leave you still needing to replace one more part on top of the tube, follower and forearm.


Since you want an optic anyway, you might want to go with a Mesa Urbino with the cheek riser. I plan to get one and put my stock forearm back on. I'm just waiting to hear thoughts on them by whoever is first around here to receive one.




Hookster :)

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