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Questions about the Supernova


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I just recently purchased a Benilli Supernova Tactical and I am quite happy with it. I am planning on taking a basic shogun course at the US Training Center in North Carolina this coming March. In order to take the course they recommend that you bring a few extra items along such as a sling and an ammunition carrier.


Does anyone have a good recommendation on a sling for the Benilli Supernova with a pistol grip stock? How does the sling attach to the front of the shotgun? What do I need to buy?


For an ammo carrier, I’m assuming, they want it on the shotgun; I was thinking about a side saddle made by Mesa Tactical. Does anyone have any experience with it and would they recommend it? Is there a better way to carry extra ammo while taking one of these courses? I saw an ammo holder that attached where the sling mount is on the stock online, but I can no longer find it (I should have bookmarked the page). Does anyone know about this product and is it recommended?



It is also suggested that you have a flashlight attached to the shotgun, so I would appreciate recommendations and mounting tips as well.


This shotgun will be used mostly for pleasure, taking courses and going to the range.

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