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Legitimate differences- M1 vs M2


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Hey guys (and ladies), I'm new to this forum but definitely not to gun/hunting forums as I just saw it for the first time on the Benelli webpage.


I've shot my H&K era M1 for over 20 years and after tens of thousands of rounds down the pipe I've had nary a malfunction caused by the gun itself...admittedly there were some lack of maintenance issues w/ the recoil spring assy the first few years that caused ftf but these were my fault. My question is what if any real life, legitimate differences are there between the M1 and M2 save for comfortech and slight styling changes?


I'm thinking about a new duck gun and while the vinci is appealing I cannot get past the fore mounted safety and I don't see much "new" with the M2 over my tried and true M1. Before I drop the cash on something new I definitely want something NEW...if not I'll save a few more bucks for a Legacy 28 bird gun.


Also, I'm looking forward to chatting and discussing the fine world of Benelli in the future.



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