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Left handed Vinci??

Payton Phillips

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  • 2 weeks later...

I purchased my vinci in mid jan 2010 I spent a ton of time at my local Gander shouldering all makes and models narrowed it down to Vinci and SBE II in left hand I made 15-20 trips not wanting to make a hasty decision. since purchasing the vinci my performance has tripled from last year. One of the reasons i chose the vinci is the ease of adjusting POA its extremly easy. It took me 20 min and 5 shots to get it shooting where i wanted. I have shot 2 doubles this year and that is amazing for me with my past shooting performance.

If you are considering a vinci over any other gun. I would take vinci in a heart beat do to ease of cleaning, recoil and adjusting POA.

My duck hunting partner just purchased a M2, It is a very nice gun but I would rather had a vinci even though it comes in left hand.

Their is only 2 things I would like to see changed.

1. A factory authorized left hand safety (safety is convertable with no problems only takes 15-30 min) and relocate safety to behind the triger, not a real big deal just takes some getting use to.

2. For what ever reason if you dont hold grip tight it will rub your middle finger.

Hope this helps

Sorry for spelling errors

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