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Longer stock for Benelli Cordoba 12ga


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Guys, I need some help.


I'm pleased with my new Benelli Cordoba 12ga. Let me put that out there right now. However, I'm VERY interested in purchasing the new longer Comfortech stock to put on it. As many of you are already aware (I wasn't at time of purchase), the older Comfortech stocks are shorter than the newer stocks by approximately 1/2 inch. Benelli made this change midstream to accomodate the requests of many buyers who wanted a longer LOP. I understand that there are three different LOP pads. Presently, I use the longest pad. However, I want to find out where I can buy a longer stock for the gun or maybe do a swap. I'm 6'5" with long arms. I really need as much LOP as possible.


Honestly, I'm kinda alienated with Benelli's "well, we're sorry but that's your tough luck" kind of attitude regarding this matter. I layed out a fair amount of cash for this gun, and it really isn't fitting properly. I was hoping to look elsewhere to find help considering that Benelli isn't really interested in helping me now that the transaction is complete. And Gander Mountain really isn't interested in helping me either.


Let me know guys what you think. I've tried eBay, Gunbroker.com and many other websites. Oh, I know I could buy one from Benelli for $538, but really. The Beretta/Benelli repair facility is located 23 miles from my house, but I've been told they won't deal with me. Help me out fellas. What do you think?



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