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New Supernova Misfires. Beginner Here


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I recently bought a benelli supernova for waterfowl hunting. I fired about 80 rounds of rem sport loads through it shooting at clays no problem. Then when I went duck hunting I had several misfires, probably 5 misfires out of 50 shots, 10%. That's terrible for a new gun that is definitely not cheap. The primers of the misfires were dented from the firing pin, and they were from two different boxes of ammo and fired after I reloaded them so i doubt it is the shells. I have noticed that when I close the chamber I can pull the forend back slightly and it moves the bolt assembly maybe a 1/16 " back from the locking mechanism that contacts the shell. I believe this could be the culprit, that extra 1/16 " the pin has to travel before reaching the primer could be enough to stop the pin from setting off the shell.


I should mention that I did not clean the gun before use, as I am new to shotguns. I have now cleaned it but the forend can still be pulled back slightly after locking the chamber, which I believe is the problem. Does anyone know if this is common of the novas and I just have to make a conscious effort never to pull back on the forend once I am loaded and waiting for a shot? That would be pretty disappointing for a high dollar pump shotgun. Since my gun is under warranty I can send it in after the season ends, but if it is standard I would hate to waste my time.


One more thing, the pump is rough as ****. I don't notice it while shooting but when just playing with the gun it really catches bad a little over halfway through the cycle. But that's just annoying and hopefully that will change as it breaks in.


If you have any knowledge of the subject please let me know. Cleaning and lubing tips would help too. I just sprayed everything down with Break Free CLP and lubed a little with rem oil. Can solvents damage the composite stock? I noticed the finish of my barrel is faded where I directly sprayed the clp, is that normal? Sorry for the rambling questions, all help is greatly appreciated!

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I have a new Supernova tactical shotgun. It has about the same round count as yours; I shot 10 rounds through it two weeks ago and about 60 rounds in a shooting competition yesterday. It performed flawlessly with absolutely no misfires.


I have never cleaned mine but shot it right out of the box. I will probably disassemble it today for cleaning. There is a youtube video that shows how to take it apart for cleaning. Sorry, I don't have the link.


My gun's bolt exhibits the same 1/16" play that you described so I don't think that is the cause of your gun's misfiring problem.


The pump action seems to be improving as the gun is being broken-in. One of the observers at the competition yesterday told me that the action appeared to be very smooth while I was shooting.

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