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SBE and SBE II Parts Interchangeability


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I bought a new Benelli SBE II several years ago to hunt with and have recently added an older H&K SBE to have on hand as a loaner gun or back up gun should my SBE II go down during duck season (hasn't happened yet!).


Although they are different guns, everything except the stock, forend and general cosmetics look identical to me. What interchanges and what doesn't? Would a SBEII barrel fit my SBE or could I have the SBE cut to accept SBEII style choke tubes (so I'm not buying double)? I'm also interested in fitting a comfortech stock on the SBE.


Finally, my SBEII is a lefty version and my SBE is a standard right hand gun. Is there any way to reverse the safety on the SBE so it is more familiar to me?



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