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Nova Pump Stuck Cartridges


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I have had my Nova Pump, which is my first gun from Benelli, for only about 10 days. We shot about 20 rounds through it the other day and I notice that after we fired one round and then tried to load a second cartridge sometimes it would take two or three times before it would bring a cartridge into the chamber.


And then today while out hunting, I noticed that it would not load cartridges at all. We would load two and then put a third in the chamber and when we would pump / cycle the action it would eject the one cartridge and not load a second one.


When I turned the gun over to look, I would push on the cartridge and it felt like it's getting hung up on something. When I moved the cartridge with my finger you can feel it drop off an edge and move forward a little bit. When you pump it, this cartridge usually fall out of the bottom of the gun.


Bottom line, it reacts different ways but 95% of the time it will not load a second cartridge into the chamber on it's own.


I have tried our 3 inch Hunting loads and our 2 3/4 target loads and it's exactly the same. I also took the gun to my neighbor who is a gun dealer and he agrees something is wrong.

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NOt the first time I've heard of it. Call Benelli CS if it persists is all I can say. It's been hit or miss as far as how long you'll be sans shotty though!


Best of luck!



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