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FFT Ti +2 Extension w/Wolf Spring & FFT Red Follower


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Freedom Fighter Tactical +2 Titanium Tube Extension, includes the Wolf spring, and a Freedom Fighter Tactical Red Aluminum Follower - $150 ($180 retail minus shipping)


These where installed on my M4, but have never seen the outside, or had a shot fired with them. I have a CC full length ti tube set-up on the way, so these are no longer needed. Shipping is included, Paypal is accepted but please cover the fee. Great chance to pick up some quality gear at a reduced price.


Also will throw out a possible trade scenario, if anyone has a new Sidearmor Short Rail w/6 Shell Carrier, I would trade straight up.


Thanks for looking, and Happy Easter!

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Received my CC ti tube, and am so happy with it I'm blowing this extension out. After taking it off the gun I did notice one very small scuff on the tube, barely noticable, but its there. I'm also keeping the red FFT follower, but will include the new black CC follower in its place. So ti FFT extension, black CC follower, and Wolf spring - $100 shipped


Paypal accepted, add fees or gift it. May be gone locally by Sunday if weather permits our local 3 gun, few Benelli guys out there that may want it. Still open to trades twords a Sidearmor shell carrier.

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