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Benelli Ultralight


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I've been drooling over the Benelli Ultralights since they first came out, but couldn't justify spending the cash on one, since I already had a SBE II. Last week, my wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I jokingly said "A Benelli Ultralight". She asked how much they were(she knows very little about guns), and she about fainted when I told her around 1,500.00 She then said(I think jokingly) if I could find one for 1000.00 I could get it. Well, today I stopped at the local gun store, just to kill time, and my jaw dropped when I walked over to the used rack and saw her. A minty UL in 12 gauge with a 26 in. bbl. I flippd the tag over. 1040.00. It was fate! I snatched her up, and headed for the layaway counter. While waiting for the paperwork I checked her over. I can't find a single scuff on it anywhere, the barrel is clean, the reciever/bolt is clean, not a even a speck of dust. I screwed out the choke, and noticed it had been greased before being screwed in(most that I check out from the used rack have the threads filled with grime, and gunk, and no lube whatsoever). She was obviously well taken care of, and to make things even better, the case was there, and had all the extra chokes, shims, instruction manual, original unopened bottle of benelli oil, blank warrenty card, and the pieces of paper and plasctic the stock and barrel came in from the factory. I couldn't believe it! I won't be able to pick her up until August when my birthday rolls around, but I'm pretty pumped. Between now and then, is there anything(tips/tricks) I should know about the ultralight?





Read more: http://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=259154#ixzz1OAGPbtoQ

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