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Supernova Comfort Slug and 67mm shells


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Hello! :)

I just got my brand new benelli supernova slug.

I am holding a box with B&P shells Length 2 5/8" (67mm) 33G type 4 ( red box).

My question is, if that beauty can fire those shells. In her manual, it says about 70mm up to 89mm. Is there any issue with the specific ammo's length?


Thank you for your time!

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I don't know if that makes it clearer, but my main concern is to fire those without damaging the shotgun. I mostly want to test shells (the gun is new) and find what suits me better.

If it fires without breaking anything it's "ok" with me.


comparing those shells with my 70mm slugs, the B&P are abit longer even if they are 67mm (they have longer metal 'base').


*The red one on the pic is the one i am asking about. The Green is a slug 70mm



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