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M2 Barrel Question


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Hello Everyone,


I am the proud owner of a Benelli M2 Field (left handed). I have had it for a few months and go through 3-5 boxes of shells a week. I have been cleaning it religiously after each and every trip to the range. To clean the barrel I have been using Shooter's Choice Shotgun and Choke Tube Cleaner. I spray some down the barrel (with it removed), let it sit and then run a bore snake through it.


Anyone else use Shooter's Choice on their Benelli's? I have heard elsewhere that it is fine, but just want confirmation.


Also, I wonder if anyone can tell me what the black "stuff" is on the base of the barrel lug is? I am talking about the stuff that is on the right side barrel notch. The stuff looks like grease or some sort of rubber coating. I again just want to make sure I am not damaging it, since a little bit of it comes off each time I clean my shotgun.





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Guest addyj672

Black stuff on the bottom of the barrel like mounting the sights and the attaching lugs under it. Bottom barrel is a known Argy barrel with lug removed that.....

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