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M3 Mag follower problem


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Howdy. Long time reader here. Just picked up a Benelli M3. Everything on it looks to be in good shape. My problem is the mag tube follower. I cannot for the life of me load shells into the magazine. I believe it is because the follower is to skinny and it has a little wiggle room in the tube. So when I press it, it turns a little and gets stuck. I am looking online at Brownells and found these factory mag followers:




My question is since these are both 12 gauge tubes, will either of these work? Or is tere something else I should try? Thanks!

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I tried my M1 follower in my M3 so your first choice should work. However, I ordered a US Made follower for mine as I'll be replacing 2-3 parts with US made ones in order to comply with 922r and eventually fit a full length mag tube onto my M3.


On the advice of a couple HK members, I was told a std Remi 12 guage follower would do the trick.


Here's a link to a couple followers that people seem to really like.



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EUREKA! First off, thank you for the reply, I do appreciate your help. I foigured out the problem, and while I do feel stupid, I am just glad to have this fixed. Turns out when it was sent to me the mag follower and the mag tube plug were put in the others place. Sat here staring at the parts for a good 10 minutes before it just hit me, now the thing feeds flawlessly! Thanks!

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