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Love my MR1


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I haven't seen very many posts about the MR1....so I thought I would post a few of my thoughts.


I purchased one b/c although I like shooting AR-15's, I just never really cared for the placement of the controls (safety, mag release, etc.). I was looking for a good reliable home defense gun - my husband uses a pump shotgun. I like the sg....but it's a PITA for me to run with a light on it at night. So.....those are the reasons I decided to go with the MR1.


The controls on the MR1 are right where I like them - more efficient than an AR....at least for me. I've put about 500 rounds thru the MR1 so far...& knock on wood....no malfunctions. Been using PMC and Federal ammo. I plan to run defense ammo (Hornady TAP) thru it next weekend. I lube up the bolt really well (Slip 2000) and keep the piston dry like the manual says. The piston is a PITA to clean, but the rest of the gun cleans up quickly.


I've been using bushmaster metal mags in it - no probs with those.


I've seen some complaints about the stock and trying to add a sight to it. I added an Aimpoint CompM4s and found that adding a Blackhawk cheek pad to the buttstock worked out perfect to be able to get a nice cheek-weld. Without the cheek pad, that was about impossible (was more like a chin-weld!).


I also added a Beretta Storm rail to the front - used loc-tite to hold it in place. That rail fits perfect and I've been using that to add a TLR-1 light or I've also used it for attaching a grip-pod for some of the shooting classes I've taken.


So far for me.....it's very accurate, dependable, and fun. Other people that have shot mine have also really liked it (both the guys and the gals). My only complaints are 1. I wish I could change out the buttstock (but I've made it work with the cheekpad addition), 2. I wish replacement parts were easier to find, 3. when adding a red dot sight, no ability to co-witness iron sights and 4. the manual sucks. But....the positives definitely outweigh the negatives!


Here's a video of me shooting it. I hope others are enjoying theirs as much as I am enjoying mine, and will share their experiences/suggestions. http://www.youtube.com/user/karategirl3030?feature=mhum

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