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Stoeger 2000 - Shooting slugs?


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I just bought the Stoeger Model 2000. I intend to use this gun primarily for turkey and coyote hunting. Always looking for ways get more use out each gun I own. Any recomendations on shooting slugs in this gun? If so, any particular slug to go with and also to avoid? Also, woud I use the Improved cylinder choke?

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Guest mikesfweb

IMO, the 2000 is a sleeper. I have 2 of them, an older model and a new design. Both have been trouble free and reliable. In my 50+ years of shooting, I have picked up some real gems of nearly every brand. I don't shoot them much as I've fallen in love with the new design 2000 with a Limbsaver. It is my go to gun. In my hunting club, there are maybe 6-8 of them. Every one that has given problems was given to me to check out. They were still full of the shipping grease. A good cleaning solved the problem and now everyone is happy.I advise anyone buying any foreign made gun to strip it and clean out the shipping grease. Then the complaints will cease. Shipping these guns by boat requires that they be protected from the salt air. Cosmoline is the best protectant. It is very thick. Clean it out with Gunscrubber or some other solvent and you will be a happy camper.

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