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M1 bolt handle question


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I recently took my 20 year old, but rarely fired M1 to Front Sight in NV for a 2 day Defensive Shotgun class. Prior to the class I fully stripped it and cleaned/ lubed it for the first time ever. The bolt handle removed easily (i've read online where others are stubborn). During the class on day 2, the bolt handle ejected itself (yes, I reassembled it correctly). One of the instructors said that this was common for the stock handle, and that upgraded replacements were available, he thought from Benelli. After some internet homework I have found:


1. Lots of aftermarket bolt handles and lots of opinions about them.


2.Benellis website shows a few stock handles, but not one that says anything about being upgraded.


3. No mention anywhere on the web stating that the stock handle had any issues.


After I reinserted the handle I shot quite a bit more ammo without any issues.


Is the stock handle a bad product ?





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Tom The problem you had is fairly uncommmon. What has happened is over time the spring and plunger has become a bit dirty and gummed up. Take the bolt carrier...the part Benelli calles the bolt out and put a drop of oil in the little hole on the right front as you look down on the bolt carrier from the front/top then push the bolt handle in and out a few times. This will clean it up nicely and allow the spring and plunger to operate freely and it won't happen any more. As for big old honking bolt handles I really don't like them and don't run them on any of my defensive/competition shotguns. I like the good old stock Benelli part in this application. Hope that helps out. Kurt Miller

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