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new super nova oiling question


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Last week I bought my first shotgun a super nova. I oiled it that night and went out goose hunting the following day. Shot it five times without any problems. A week later I took the fiancée out to teach her how to shoot. After 17 rounds it was game over. The slider (pump) cracked and the forend assembly jammed. You should have seen the look on my face during the drive back into the city. It wasn’t anger or sadness it was simply confusion.


I took it back to Cabelas where a few people looked at it in amazement. I got a new one and this want to ask about oiling before I oil this one.


I think I may have oiled the first one a bit too much. Not that it caused the problem as that was a factory defect. But just in general because I felt I didn’t know what I was doing when I oiled the first gun.


I am using Hoppes Lubricating Oil spray. What exactly do I need to oil? I know I can spray a cloth and oil the magazine so the forend slides better. What about the action release lever? Do I need to spray inside ejection port or magazine port? The carrier? Reciever?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Thank you

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I use break free CLP (which is a cleaner-lubricant-protectant).


When the gun was new I disassembled it and wiped over every metal surface with CLP oil applied to a good clean cotton t-shirt rag. I use a standard 12 guage cleaning stick with swaps soaked in CLP to lube the inside of the barrell and inside of the shell magazine. This is mainly to remove factory oil and to prevent rust if the gun gets wet. I use a needle oiler to apply a little extra oil to the areas where the action slides in the main body of the gun, and on the metal slides of the foreend.


My super nova is 18 months old and I have over 3000 rounds of trap load, hundreds of rounds of various field load and alot of heavi-shot magnum loads through mine with no trouble at all. I've also had my gun very very wet shooting trap in the rain & snow with no troubles. Whenever my gun is wet I totally disasemble it immediatly uopn returning home and let air dry for days in a warm dry place. Then I use the clp on all metal parts and there is no rust/corrosion anywhere on my gun and its never misfired or jammed.


With regards to your problem above, you must be lucky enought to get one of the few bad benelli's! My local gun smith has only had one benelli gun come back that actually broke from a defective part, that was a SBE II a month ago.

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