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A Right Hander That Must Shoot Left Handed


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A friend has been taking me out to shoot sporting clays and I've become hooked.


I've been using my friend's Beretta semi-auto and I'm getting a guilty conscience from using his gun so much (perhaps I should offer to clean it ;) )


I've been thinking about buying a Montefeltro, 12 guage, 28" barrel. I am right handed, but due to a bum right eye since childhood, I've been forced to shoot left handed and have adapted fairly well to all the right handed instruments I own or have owned.


I prefer to purchase a right handed model due to the resale and the fact that the eventual owner (probably my son when he inherits my junk :p) is right handed.


So, my question is: "Is the Montefeltro Cast-on, cast-off neutral?" Can the right handed version be adjusted for a bit of cast-off (I think I have the direction right?) or do I need to purchase the left handed version?



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