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Vinci Additional Bolt Diassembly Detail to remove bolt stroke-end rubber insert

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I have a pretty new Super Vinci and it appears that the Bolt stroke-end rubber insert (the red rubber piece with a tab) is starting to split on the tab. I am anticipating replacing it to be on the safe side. Since there is a part number I am assuming I can order one, but there is nothing in the manual or online videos on how to disassemble the bolt assembly to the point of replacing this part. All they show is how to remove from the barrel and then how to remove the firing pin/spring, locking head assembly, inertia spring, etc. I need to know how to take it apart to the point that I can get the Bolt stroke-end rubber insert out which is sandwhiched between the bolt shoudler plate and full ejector guide.


Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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