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Installing Ghost Ring Sights on Nova H2O


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Just yesterday I purchased a new Benelli Nova H20 for use as a boat and camp defense weapon in rainy, coastal environments. I absolutely love the gun, except for the factory rifle sights (that are unfortunately the only option with the nickel matte barrel - bad move on Benelli's part for such a great, and pricey, gun to not offer a higher quality sighting option). I want to get rid of these sights and install a set of ghost ring sights but have a few doubts and questions. The guys at the shop where I purchased the gun didn't really have any advice or experience in this particular issue, and local gunsmiths have been equally stumped.


:confused: What issues are involved in mounting the rear sight to the copolymer receiver housing? Will it take screws? I called first choice MMC today and they weren't sure if their sights would work on the Nova. I'd be happy to go with the second choice LPA sights, like the ones that are available on the Nova Tactical. Obviously Benelli is mounting these on the receiver, so it should work. Or not?


:confused: How are the front and rear factory rifle sights mounted on the barrel? Silver soldered? Can these be removed without damaging the nickel matte finish and incurring additional gunsmithing charges for repair? I'll probably go with a ring mounted front GRS for ease of installation, and need to remove the factory front blade sight; and I want the factory rear sight gone for astethics.


Any advice would be appreciated, especially from someone who has dealt with this same issue. I know, I could just buy the Nova Tactical and get the sights I want, and save alot of $$ in the process, but the nickel plated barrel and parts were the strong deciding factor in purchasing this gun.

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