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Super nova c-stock inquiry


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Hey all, new to the forum had a question I was hoping I could get a clear answer on. I know that you can install a collapsible stock on super nova tactical with a pistol grip(20160 and 20150) but what about one with the normal comfort tech stock(20145 and 20155)? I've looked around and every one sounds like they either installed their c-stock on one already equipped with a pistol grip or they never specified. The guy at the gun store said that you could install it on either set up but then again he also said that you could install it on a regular nova so I'm not so sure I trust his advise. There is a 20145 and 20155 hanging on the wall there and I'm told a special order for the 20160 could take up to 90 days to fill. If anyone could shine some light on this I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance, Andrew

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So then I'm to assume that it isn't as simple as this model # has it and this model # does not? Like the benelli m4 had several model numbers before but the 11707 had the threads and three notches but the 11703 did not have the three notches. And yes I already have the c-stock

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Here is a video that shows the Benelli Supernova disassembly



Except they do not remove the stock Probably because this model the stock does not come apart .


Benelli Supernova Tactical disassembly

The stock comes off by removing the butt pad with a Philips screwdriver then once you remove the butt pad you need a socket to unscrew the stock .


All you will need to screw on the grip from the C-Stock is some type of metal no sharp pick to turn the threaded type screw on the grip.





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