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Montefeltro Light

Downtown Bang

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Was reading Gundog Mag and saw a product review on the 12 guage Montefeltro Light. Yet I don't see it referenced on the product page.


Is this model not currently available but will be soon or whats the story. Also a couple questions.


I have always shot 12 gauge gas operated autos. 1100's, Super X & Super X2. The models above are all pretty heavy (8lbs) and with that and being gas operated recoil was never an issue no matter what loads I put through them.


This new Montefeltro Light was listed at 6 lbs. and (I'm assuming) Comfort Tech is not an option. What's everyone expect recoil to be with high velocity pheasant loads and 3" Magnums? My own admittedly simple logic tells me pretty significant.


As I move into my 40's I'm looking hard at a lighter field gun to lug around South Dakota pheasant fields and Minnesota grouse woods. Is this potentially the right scattergun to take me into my AARP years or will recoil issues outweigh the other benefits?


Sorry for what is probably a very open very subjective question. Any feedback is appreciated though.


Also any rumours or possibility that Benelli will take the "light alloy" technology to the M2 where synthetic stocks and Comfort Tech would be an option?





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