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Supernova h20


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I'm not sure if you own a Nova H2O or not, but evenwithout the SNT features you mentioned, it is a nice gun. The SNT's largertrigger guard would be nice with gloves.


I do believe that owning an H2O of any stripe solely for home defense defeatsthe purpose of it being built as an outdoor/corrosion resistant weapon. Aregular SNT fulfills the HD purpose nicely... and unless your home is under a waterfall, I wouldn't give a second thought to the SNT's corrosion resistance in the HD role.


With this in mind, I'm not a gun collector either (they're just tools, afterall), so I wouldn't be interested in having one for the sake of having one.


In my mind, the Nova H2O is the ideal bear defense gun; a poor man's AlaskanCo-Pilot, if you will. If Benelli did start offering a SNT H2O, I'd buy one toreplace my standard Nova H2O, but only because a collapsible stock would reducethe overall length of the weapon.


As it stands, though - even with its standard stock length, the Nova H2O scabbards in an Eberlestock pack very easily.


Take care.

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Ya the main reason I was wanting the supernova h20 is because you can change the stock and its cooler, plus yes I would not want a shiny gun for home defense, im sorry I should have specified I meant for using it around a cabin in Alaska as you said it would be good for because of the weather. The grizzlies are the only thing you'll defend your home from in Alaska unless you live in Anch or Fairbanks lol... the more people equals the more idiots and the only big amounts of people live in Anch and Fair. I am from the queer state california unfortunatly but I have family in Alaska me and my cuzn visit so I'd like to have the supernova h20 mainly because I like the pistol grip stock and ya I kinda need gloves lol its a downhill temperature usually -30 to 40 winter in the summer its better but only cuz the sun's out for like the whole day, but thats the reason I would like the bigger trigger guard and to be able to customize the stock.

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isnt the 20th Maine a union brigade or is your name for somthingelse and ya guns are tools used for good works or bad works if in the wrong hands. Also have you heard about the new primer the government is coming up with its unreal they want to make a primer that expires thats what ive heard I'll probally ask on this if anyone knows about that.

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Oh and I forgot to tell you I live in northern cal aka state of jefferson as it should be but it still sucks because of all the idiots below in the bay area and LA area that ruin peoples gun rights in the north state so really they should split the state in half since southern Ca and northern have nothing in common except the laws and all the mexicans.

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I'm actually building a H20-ish version of the Supernova based on the 20155 (ghost ring, comfort stock, traditional stock).


My 20155 is currently at Robar (based in Phoenix, AZ)


I'm having them do their NP3 finish on the Supernova.


My shotgun build also includes a total NP3 coating on the +2 Nordic Components mag extension, and mag extension clamp.


I really wanted this build to stand out, but sadly I couldn't afford the NP3+.


Not a deal breaker though. The shotgun will look awsome, and will last forever. I'll never sell it. :)


I'll post a pic when i get it back from Robar. (I can't wait!!!)


I should get it back early August.

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