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Stoeger 3000 o/u 12 Gauge


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Bought this Stoeger shotgun at Dicks for my son yesterday. We took it out and put two boxes of shells through it. The Winchester's did fine but we had 6 misfires in the box if Remingtons. Bottom Tube firing pin would dimple the centerfire brass but not hard enough. Wealternated these shellss into the upper tube and they fired.


Dick's says they can send it back to Stoeger for adjustment. A gunsmith said we can disassemble the trigger and remove heavy greae ib rge trigger springs- re oil the parts- then re-assemble and all will be well.


Any opinion on that?


And can Benelli fwd to me a guide tho show me how to disassemble and reassemble that trigger?


PS- Overall, my son really likes the gun and so do I. We need to get it to "dependable" to make it part of our hunting trip.

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