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Benelli spacers


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I am a LH M1 shooter. I need a spacer that will allow my head to move slightly to the left. I believe that would be a LH "cast off" spacer. How many cast type spacers are available and what degree angle is provided by each? When I got this gun there were no spacers available for it and I had to adjust ME . Then I made my first stock elevating spacer out of 7076 -T6 aluminum tapered spacer material I located in the aircraft industry. I'm out of aviation now and still need to correct the cast of the stock. As I understand it, the M1 and M2 as well as the original BE have the same necks and spacers . I would like to learn what angles the spacers are and get one that nobody has need for, out of your included kit. For each neck shim I believe there is a drilled plate in the rear of the stock that secures the recoiltube at the shim adjusted angle. I see SX and, I believe, DX lettering on the plates shown in the ads and I would need the corresponding one to match the shim too. It has been interesting reading all the nice things written about the M1 here. My next project might negate this effort as I hope to mount a Speedbead sight on the left side of my receiver so I can return to RH shooting using that sight system to allow aiming with my left eye while holding the gun right -handed. My thanks to you all, Ken

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