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Vinci - POI Way Too High


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After receiving the Vinci (my 3rd Benelli Auto), I spent a few hours pattern testing all three guns. I wanted to determine if the factory chokes really pattern tigher than "standard"...which I did not find to be the case. However, upon seeing my paterns shot about 80% high (whereas my others were patterning 50/50), my focus quickly changed.



I "see" why it shoots so high - the rib is like a trap gun...using my calipers to take rough measurements, it seems to have nearly double the slope/angle relative to the top of the barrel as my M1 90 and SBE...so if I am actually looking down the rib, this gun will shoot VERY high. I don't understand why so much slope would be built in. If you're pointing at the target and not aiming, maybe you'd never notice.


Do we know if Benelli can provide barrels/ribs with less slope...because that's the fix I'd like to see?


However, I also changed out the shim to the "C" shim...but that barely scratched the surface. For testing next weekend, I have wedged in some thin cardboard behind the top of the shim to give me more drop...I suspect this should help. I also fabricated an ultra-high bead, which also should help.


The alignment actually works much better if I also remove the rubber cheek insert...just doesn't feel good on the cheek. So I might also fabricate a cheek insert that leaves more room for my cheek to get lower (and to get eye alignment far enough to the right to look center down the rib/barrel...which was also a minor struggle for me..a first).

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I won't be able to pattern test for a couple weekends. But I "feel" like the modified "C" shim (to give more drop), along with an EXTRA high bead should allow this gun to pattern normally (50/50 center).


But I'm still wondering why Benelli would put so much slope in the rib on the Vinci...you can see (and measure) the difference. It's like a trap setup in that regard. When aiming, if they eye "sees" any part of the top of the rib...it will shoot high. Could that possibly have been intentional?

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