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HELP ! -- Benelli staff !


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Time is of the essence, and I don't know how to contact Chris Cox or Wayne LaPierre -- you may also be interested in this PR action....


My name is C. Meyers, my father, G.H. Meyers (1951-2010) was Chief Gunsmith at Stoeger Arms Corporation during the Korean War.


Some credentials can be viewed in the album I have just uploaded.


In the wake of the devastating events in Newtown, CT. I wish to make a 30 second appeal to gun owners across the USA.

Mr. Meyers was a crusader to have gun owners lock up all guns when not in use to prevent them from falling into the hands of potential problem individuals, children, and criminals.


I would like to make a 30 second Media appeal for gun owners to lock away guns, in order to help stave off the tidal wave of fear and negative public opinion.


Obviously, if the Newtown shooter's mother had locked away her guns, this would not have happened. There are other similar past incidences in which locking away guns would have prevented tradgedy.


This takes the focus away from "gun bans" to "safer handling of firearms".

Please, either forward this to the NRA or sponsor this PR yourselves.


You can contact me at my forum registered E-mail.


Thank you...





Stoeger's "Shooter's Bible" 1951 Edition cover



Stoeger's "Shooter's Bible" 1951 Edition page 5

G.H. Meyers Chief Gunsmith highlighted



Stoeger Arms Corporation, New York, N.Y.

G.H. Meyers Chief Gunsmith photo 1950 #2



Stoeger Arms Corporation, New York, N.Y.

G.H. Meyers Chief Gunsmith photo 1950 #3



Stoeger Arms Corporation, New York, N.Y.

1950 corporate Christmas party

(L-R) G.H. Meyers, Chief Gunsmith; A.L. Dahncke, Facility Manager; C.W. Leininger, President; H. Kicherer, VP Sales



C. Meyers, son of G.H. Meyers at a Colorado NRA match in 1961. Rifle: Ziegenhahn & Diem 22lr match, custom stock by father.



C. Meyers sighting .50 BMG Hesse at Redwing Sportsman Club, MN

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