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Some bugs with M3 Super 90


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Hello guys,


I recently bought an M3 in used but like new condition, and already have some questions. Unfortunately it is not a very common gun here and I bought it not from the dealer so I have no one to consult with.


First of all in the pump action mode, should the pump get locked after the shell is inserted into the barrel? (this is how its happening with other pump action shotguns...) In my gun it does not get locked, and it seams rather strange to me.


Second thing is when you shoot in pump action mode the pump and the bolt moves about 2-3 inches back. My friend who was standing near when I was shooting noticed that. I thought that in pump action mode the bolt should get locked in some way...


Third thing is that when I shoot in semi auto slugs go perfect, but when I use pump action they always hit a little bit up and much more to the right... I thought that the reason for that might be problem number two or the "Second thing" :)


And the last moment is: I just cant understand what is the lever on the right for (cartridge drop lever) I read manual like 10 times and still cant understand. In Remington this lever lets you open the chamber after the gun is loaded and ready to fire. This really confuses me.


If there are any M3 users out there, I would really appreciate some help.



PS Also if someone knows where is it possible to buy a stock with the pistol grip for this gun, please give a link.



Thanks for reading this and sorry for my bad gun English :)




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