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Super Vinci Bolt Assembly


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I'd like to ask a question about the bolt assembly. Specifically, the locking head (032X). The gun is new but the fit of the locking head in the bolt seems to have an inordinate amount of play laterally, and can be moved in and out of the bolt assembly with no resistance. I have a Franchi Affinity, the locking head demonstrates a much better fit and when pressed inward, has some resistance and will spring back on its own. Both are great guns and i have the stock, (drop set the same on both) but the Vinci beats up my cheek. wanted to know if this inordinate amount of play and free movement of the locking head in and out is considered normal. I'm very happy with both guns, lightweight, minimal recoil, but I'd like to find out why the Vinci is roughing up my cheek. Thanks

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