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Which Benelli?


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Hey Guys.


If I wanted to buy a Benelli shotgun for strictly tactical\HD purposes (and maybe 3 guns matches at some point) which one should I get? Although money always matters, please judge these different models based solely on their features, advantages and disadvantages.


I know I want a semi so that rules out any version of the Nova and I’m not at all interested in the M3. Basically I’m focusing on either the M1, M4 or M1014.


M4\M1014 – I don’t want the collapsible stock so that feature presents no advantage for me. I do like the fact that these are what the Marines are currently using. I also like the fact that they have a tool-less take down for field stripping\cleaning and where designed from the ground up for serious use.


Other than the American Flag on the receiver and the fact that the M1014 stock is not collapsible from the factory, what’s the difference between the M4 and the M1014? I read some talk about some differences between the chokes and gas ports on these two models. Can any of you detail these differences?


It was my understanding that the M1014 was supposed to be a limited production run of only 2500 units but it seems like you can still find these all over the place NIB. Did they not sell well because of price or function or did they just become a normal production item? Is there any issue with installing a straight or pistol grip stock on a M1014?


M1 – This model is no longer listed on Benelli’s site (at least in tactical form). Is the M1 Super 90 tactical no longer a factory option? Is there an M1 tactical that is not a “super 90”? If so, what’s the difference?


What advantages\disadvantages does M1 have compared to the M4\M1014? Obviously it is less expensive and has a different gas system. My understanding is the M1 gas system is a little more finicky about loads used and items hung off of the weapon then the M4 series is? I know one advantage of the M1 is there are a host of options, upgrades, accessories and barrels available for this model.


M2 – What the scoop on this model? Where does it fit in compared to the models listed above?


I notice some people still refer to having a pre-ban Benelli? Does that have any meaning now that the AWB no longer exists?


Any and all useful input (and pics! :D ) are welcome!

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I have the M1014 with the solid stock also. I added the mag extension removed the red plug and float a round for a total capacity of 9 rounds. This from a gun that functions like there is know tomarrow. I also added a Specter Gear tactical sling, and nite sights. My M1014 will function with everything from 7/8oz #8 to heavy 00 loads. Ths is the best shot gun I have ever owned and I can't wait to get a SBEII.

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cgv -


The M1 Tactical has apparently been discontinued and from what I can tell, been replaced by the M2. I can't say what the difference is between the M1 and M2, but both are inertia recoil operated systems. They are NOT gas operated. The M4/M1014 ARE gas operated. If you need a detailed description of this system, look at the Benelli site. The reason the inertia recoil operated system is sensitive to the amount of junk you hang off the gun is because if you hang too much off the gun, it will not recoil enough to cycle the action. To clarify, the gun will not move back under recoil enough to make the system work reliably - the extra mass soaks up the recoil energy and results in less rearward movement of the gun. Same thing for light loads - they may not make the gun recoil enough. This is why - based on what I've read - the M4 was developed. It is a gas acutated system, so it doesn't matter if you hang a kitchen sink off the gun, it will still function.


The M1 does recoil pretty hard, despite being a semi-auto. It recoils more, IMO, than my plain Rem 870 pump. My M1014 is on the way, so I'll evaluate that when I get it. I can't comment on the differences between the M4/M1014.



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