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MR1 Looking and Want Some info.


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Does anyone have either of these rifles? More to the point a converted MR1. Can you get the goodies for them, Tri-Rails, Full Top Rail, Adjt. Stock and so on? Do the CX4 tri-rail kits fit? In addition, are there any 16” barrel options out there?I read that the MR1 & RX4 have different profiles. Any pics of them side by side?I know about the 922r stuff so I will assume that your RX4 rifle is in compliance if you converted an MR1. An owner wrote that the fore grip melted do to extended rapid fire from a 100 round mag. Has anyone had any issues like this or any other problems with their MR1?A while back when first held it I said to myself that the ergos stunk. So I did not think it had a Tactical use. Now I look at it and say it is a nice looking rifle and it can do mostly anything I would use it for, including HD/SD. Am I getting old or something?Even the pistol grip stock looks ok and should function well..I have an AR and wanted a piston unit and I thought why get another AR. This looks smooth and is somewhat styled like the CX4. I think I may want.I went to my LGS and looked at the MR1 they have in stock. Used Looks like no extras. Clean looking Pistol grip stock. $1800.00The rifle was MSRP $1300.00 and I don’t think I ever saw one sell for that price either. I told the clerk, I am not even on the road that goes by that ballpark.I was figuring no more than $900.00 maybe even less.

What do you say? Any input or experience would be appreciated, and post some pics of your MR1 /RX4 .Thanks

PS. POST #1. And so it begins.[ATTACH=CONFIG]2211[/ATTACH]

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Ok, be like that. :p

I think I will insult him to get the ball rolling, say $700 for a used rifle that most likely sold for $1000-$1100.

What do you say?


I am just racking up my post count, :rolleyes: talking to myself.

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