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relaoding for 338 win mag


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Have you come up with a load your rifle likes? I am an epxerienced reloader but this rifle has been a challenge. The only other semis I load for are AR's in .223 and 6.5 Grendel. The best group I have come up with is 2" and most recipes produce 3+".

Starting to think this rifle is just a dog.

I've tried the following:

IMR 4350 and H4831 behind Hornady Interbond and Interlock and Nosler Accubond, Barnes TX in different combinations. The one common is all bullets are 225 g.

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I lapped in the upper reciever where it spigots into the lower reciever.(hint..look for uneven wear marks where the upper reciever spigots intothe lower reciever which s essentially the recoil lug.) I noticed this on my rifle the first time I took the gun apart from a range session.It was bearing unevenly.Then I glass bedded the connection so there is no play.Make sure the forearm nut is finger snug,no more.i recrowned mine and did a trigger job.


probably have a whole day eliminating variables with this rifle before I put 30 rounds down the barrel.


the rifle is extremely hard on scopes as well.(30-06)on my fourth one in 350 rounds.hope I picked the right one.sightron seems to be holding up.next one will be a night force .

was it worth it. Yes,I own a superb killing stick that shoots at most 2 inch groups at 200 regularity shoots 1 inch groupes at the same distance.


I hate giving advice on gun smithing tips so take it for what it's worth.free.just trying to help.

Buy the way I've been handloading for 17 years and am a journeyman in 2 trades.(industrial mechanics and saw filing)worked in a machine a welding shop for 4 years.I know what i am talking about but I'm not sure if u can understand what I posted(I am not very good at painting pictures)never learned to post a pic and don't fuckin care to learn,so if you have any questions just post it and I'll do my best to clarify what I posted.


sorry about your results hope things get better with your rifle.

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