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Recommendations? 12ga. Nova Tactical - Butt Stock Shell Holder & Sling???


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I have a 12ga. Nova Tactical - no pistol grip and would like some recommendations for a good butt stock shell holder and sling. This shotgun is specifically used for home defense. I saw that the BLACKHAWK!

Butt Stock Shell holder Open - Shotgun [ATTACH=CONFIG]2271[/ATTACH] and the GunMate

Shotgun Butt Stock Shell Holder [ATTACH=CONFIG]2272[/ATTACH] have good reviews on Amazon. What do you recommend from these two or what have you used that works great? I'm also looking for a good sling that would compliment the butt stock shell holder.

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Most home defense senarios that you are likely to find yourself in are not going to require 5 extra shells at the ready. The weapon in stock form already holds plenty of shells for HD IMHO, especially if you ghost load an extra ;).


Having said that, the holders you have posted are sub-$15. Try one or the other and see if you like them. It isn't going to break the bank if it sucks and I doubt there is any substantial difference in quality between the two.


But personally, I don't like buttstock shell holders as they seem to get in the way of my cheek weld when I change shooting shoulders.

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