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SBE jamming- Forgive me, I know it's been discussed.


Why is the SBE jamming?  

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  1. 1. Why is the SBE jamming?

    • Is it a spring that needs replaced
    • Is it the ejector plate

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I have an 03 SBE. Broke it in using heavy loads for the first 250 shots or so. Gun performed flawlessly since, except for lighter target loads a few times. Recently, I have been duck hunting, and the gun has jammed.


My first thought was, the magazine spring, cleaned it. Next time out, the gun performed, but started to jam a couple of times on the third shell. Again, I cleaned and researched, and decided to have a local gunsmith check it out. He said that there was a bit of oil that may have caused it to jam due to cold weather. Again, after getting it back, it jammed. Then noticed a thread about the recoil spring. I followed the directions, and noticed it was gunked up pretty good. I cleaned and lightly oiled it, along with the tube. I had a pretty slow hunt the next time using it, and shot at three birds, all three times it jammed.


My last thought here is I noticed that the ejector plate is quite dirty. The problem is, I don't know how to get behind the plate to efficiently clean it.


Anybody have thoughts or advice? Is it a spring deficiency, the shells im using, or the ejector plate? Sorry for being repetitive and rambling, but it is frustrating.


Overall I love the gun and it fits me well. Thanks

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