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M2 Dimensions in 12 and 20 guage


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I bought a new M2 this year for duck hunting and just love it. It just seems to fit me perfectly. I have never owned a shotgun that I shoot this well. I like it so much I want to buy a 20 ga. My only reservation is that the dimensions (drop at comb and drop at heel) are different on the 20 than on the 12. I know they are adjustable, but there is really no way to make them exactly the same.

I can go one shim up from the factory setting and get close, but not exactly the same. Anyone else own both a 12 and a 20 M2? Do they seem to fit you and shoot the same? I am cross eye dominant and I think the fact that my non-dominant eye (right) lines up perfectly with the rib and fiber optic sight helps me shoot this gun well. Any input is appreciated.

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