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SBE II Chokes


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I have a SBE II, it's about 10 years old.


I've been using Primos "D" (for decoy) and "P" (for pass) chokes in it.


I use this gun primarily for waterfowl, shooting Kent fast steel 3" #2's or #3's for Ducks.


Heavy metal 3 1/2" BB Or Kent fast steel 3 1/2" BB for Geese.


My question is, how long do "chokes" last ??


What "Chokes" do you like for this gun??


Ducks over decoy's 25-35 yards as well as some pass shooting.

Geese over decoy's at about 25-35 yards.


Oh and it is a left handed gun..

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I have also a Left handed SBE II at the same age. I use standard Crio choke delivered together with the gun at purchase. Last year I bought a new similar choke, but the old one was still ok. I use standard choke with 3 notches for both geese, ducks and clays. 3"#2 for geese and #4 for ducks. The old choke has shoot more than 25.000 steelshot rounds and looks still ok. I use the gun for both clays and hunts

Benelli - simply perfect

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Thanks for your reply, Greylag.


I had trouble hitting anything other than slow clays (I have an old clay thrower) with the factory chokes. That's why I switched to Primos chokes. But I noticed a lot more misses this season, some easy shots that I really should have made. Which prompted me to post the question.


My chokes also look fine, but I'm no judge.....

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I don't think that you should focus that much on the choke to improve your shooting. It's easy to test the choke on a cardboard piece. Try shooting with the factory- and the Primos on a 30 yards distance. Then you see if there is difference in the spread. Use the choke that produce the most equal picture without open areas. After that you don't need to concentrate on your choke any more. Instead try to practice a lot of dry-shooting and shouldering of the gun. Be sure that the gun is correct adjusted to fit your body size. It's easy with a SBE II. With the 3 notches Crio choke I normally have no problem to reach about 23-24 hits out of 25 in a Trap-shooting with steelshot #7 (and sometime 25/25, smile)

The SBE II is a fantastic gun

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