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Multi Light Benelli M4 Mount - Scout by Impact Weapons Components (IWC)

Impact Weapons Components

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IWC Designs and Manufactures the THORNTAIL, DROPWING, BACKBONE light mounts as well as a full line of niche products which fill a specific need for our customers.



Building on the quality, design and reliability of these product designs, Impact Weapons Components (IWC) s proud to announce our newest product, The "Multi Light Benelli M4 Mount" specifically engineered to meet the varied lighting requirements of users of the M4 weapon system.


Multi Light Benelli M4 Mount - Scout shown above.



Borrowing from our proven THORNTAIL line, the Multi Light Benelli M4 Mount is a modular design with supports three different types of lights and laser devices.



Scout - The base mount for Scout Lights shown above, features dual QD Rotation Limited sling mounts. The mount has a pair of attachment surfaces machined to directly attach ALL Surefire M300/M600 types with the same mounting pattern and design, placing the lights at either the 1:00 or 11:00, or both if so desired.



1913 Picatinney Rail - IWC offers a proprietary 1913 Picatinney Rail Section which directly attaches to either or both Scout mounting surfaces in the base mount. Using this 1913 Rail, the Operator can attach any rail mounted weapon light, laser, LAM, etc., such as the new INFORCE WMLx, Surefire X300U-B, Streamlight TLR series.



Rings for Handheld Light - IWC's propriety 1913 Picatinney Rail section is cross drilled and tapped to accept our .830", 1.000" or 1.030" Light Mounting Rings now offered acrocc our other mounts, including THORNTAIL. Simply attach the Ring to either or both sides of the Scout Multi Light Benelli M4 Mount with 1913 Rail.







Earl Pittman



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