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SBE and SBE2 reduced 25% wolf springs


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so I searched a lot of older threads but haven't seen anything with any kind of true confirmation. I have a couple SBE's (various generations), one of which my son will use to shoot clays out on the farm with us. I have a bunch of 1oz loads that cycle now but they are kind of hot at 1300fps (to keep the energy up for stock springs. I was looking at the energy produced by the recommended 1 1/8oz load (around 23 ftlbs recoil energy), literature states the reduced springs are 25% less to cycle lighter loads, so I should be able to use loads that generate around 17 ftlb (25% less than 23)...right? its only 5 pounds lighter but it is a lot less expensive than a new gun at this point and he (and friends) are shooting a lot so trying to make lead shot go a little further, and 100's of rounds be more comfortable.

I know the SBE's are 3.5" meat guns, thats exactly why I love them, but just looking to experiment a little before wasting time and supplies.


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