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A few valid questions...


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Ultimately I'm hoping someone here can point me in the rightdirection as far as who would be the best source/person within thiscompany to answers a few questionsregarding the technology and features of the Benelli lineup.

If there are those in the know how that visit this forum,awesome, I'd love to hear your thoughts. I'd like to think I have a few validquestions.

I've owned a M1 for years and absolutely love the gun so letme say tat so no one thinks I am a Benelli hater.

I have been sitting back the past years - holding off frombuying my next one as I keep hoping they will look into what I'm about to ask.

If there is anything I have heard from those that don't usea Benelli as there autoloader choice, it either seems to have to do with theinfamous "click" of the bolt not being seated fully or that theydon't cycle the light 7/8 oz loads reliably day in and day out.

When I look at the Ethos, I see that both of these"issues" have been admitted to and fixed. In the case of the click,the Ethos has a detent mechanism in the bolt known as the easy locking system,making this out of battery click basically impossible. In the case of the light7/8 oz loads, the Ethos has an UPDATED DYNAMIC inertia driven system which improvesspeed, RELIABILITY, and the ABILITY to cycle the light 7/8 oz shells.

Soooo, why on earth wouldn't these 2 designs be used on theother guns? In the case of the detent, on the M2, SBE, Vinci and Super Vinciand in the case of the updated dynamic inertia driven system, used on the M2and SBE? What am I not understanding? Why continue to use the old inertia driven system if an UPDATED system exists? And why not put this detent on all the guns???

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