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Maxtree 5 Montefeltro Swivel Mag Cap Issue


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I just purchased a Montefeltro in Realtree Max 5 two days ago and the magazine cap does not have a swivel on it. I was told at the gun shop that I could order the part online. I have found out that is not possible for this model. Does anyone know if perhaps the realtree max 5 on the Stoeger M3000 would work for the 12 gauge? I also saw this video on the Benelli website that looks like the same cap I have. Does anyone know what model this is?

I am really bothered that the Benelli dealer would lie to me for a sale but I need a sling for this shotgun since we cover large walking areas.



New Benelli Owner



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Nor do they have a shim kit available anywhere that I can find.  Not a good deal to purchase a $1000+ shotgun with a swivel attachment on the buttstock and nothing on the endcap and no replacement available.  Maybe a barrel band would work.  Not a good deal to purchase a $1000+ shotgun with adjustable drop and cast, and have no available shims to do so.  Where I bought it has 30 day unfired return policy.  If I cant find anything in that time mine is going back to dealer.  The shim kits are expensive for what they are but that would be okay if they existed. 

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I too have been looking for the magazine cap with swivel and can’t find one.  I get on the Benelli site and get on the waiting list.  Twice I have gotten emails that they are now in stock and when I go to order they show out of stock.  They must be getting them in one at a time and I’m not fast enough to get it.

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