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Córdoba Vinci Rust issues


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Hey guys just curious if anyone else has run into this problem. 

I bought a brand new Córdoba Vinci off of gunbroker.com. I’ve owned the gun for less than 6 months and I use it for upland hunting and shooting skeet. I want to say that I’ve been cleaning my gun every other use, it hasn’t been in the rain or snow. Today when I got my gun out to clean it since the hunting season is over right away I noticed rust all over my gun!! It was surface rust but still rusting. Also the barrel isn’t blued on mine, and I used a small brass brush to agitate the rust a little and the finish started to come off. I use hoppes #9. I have never in my life ever experienced this with any of my other guns including my Montrefeltro super 90 that I’ve owned for about 20 years now!! Not one drop of rust and I hunted that gun upland game in the rain and snow in northern Ohio with the same cleaning practices other than maybe a wipe down when I got back and if it was raining or snowing. Neither does my Remington 1100 that I’ve also owned for 22 years. I’m disappointed with the gun although I was very excited when I received it. My friend has a Córdoba and has no problems with it at all. Maybe I should of just purchased the regular Córdoba. Anyone else have this problem? Please chime in. Does the vinci Córdoba have blued barrels that can be purchased? Anyone know?  Thanks. I should of took pictures. 

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