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Well it has been 6 weeks sense I ordered my SBE2 SteadyGrip. And I was woundering, if my gun doesn't get here soon, does anyone know where they have a SBEII STEADYGRIP 24" barrel Timber camo gun. Preferable close to Miss. Please help.


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Russ I really want a SBE2 steadygrip, and there is a gunshop near by that has a SBEI steadygrip if I end up having to get a SBEI. And i have just found out that my father has found another gun dealer who claims he can have a SBE2 SteadyGrip here in 1 1/2 weeks. so i guess will order one from there and which ever dealer gets the gun in first thats where will buy. :eek:


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SBE2, you should give Dad's Super Pawn in Gulfport, MS a call. They're a full line Benelli dealer, and usually carry a large selection in stock.


They're good folks to deal with, and their prices are unbeatable. I bought a brand new, sealed black synthetic M2 from them last weekend for $899.

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Well I have found some angering news, the SBE2 SteadyGrip has been discontinued. But I have not given up. There is a Surplus City here that has a SBEII comfortech 24" barrel that I plan to get this weekend and the dealer said the buyers are out getting things such a STEADYGRIPS! I'll get one and hope its here before turkey season. If worse comes to worse they also have a SBEI SteadyGrip.

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I just got my steady grip stock a few days ago, it only took 14 days!!!!!


price.- $150.00


Called benelli for the Part number - 83160


Dealer rec'd by Benelli- Mann & Sons Sporting Goods.


Ph # 618-357-2911


It's was shipped UPS, from Benelli to Mann & Sons in IL. and Ground UPS to me in NY. All in less than 14 days.

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