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Benelli 828u problem


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I recently bought a benelli 828u. I am the second owner and was my first firearm purchase. I compete in trap, sporting Clays and also hunt. I bought this gun because I have shot benelli all my life and wanted an O/U. 

My problem started today at the trap range. After I shot the gun it would open intermittently. As soon as I pull the trigger and the shot is fired the action would open  and usually after that if I went to shoot after that the striker wouldn't fire. 

Has anyone experienced this before because I have personally never seen it happen.

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Interesting read, I've had an 828U from new, after some 15 months of regular use a crack appeared on the fore end. It rapidly extended the whole length of the fore end. Gun returned via the shop I bought from. Got it back last Wednesday with new fore end, shot it once and the new fore end cracked from top to bottom, gun returned and an e mail to GMK who replied this morning asking for serial number............................................to be continued

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